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What's In a Text Message Course?

In this video, Ryan Laverty, our Head of Content, gives a quick overview of what to think about when designing a text message course. For a more in-depth look at different course structures, see our post on How to Build a Text Message Course. A transcript of the video has been included below!

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Teaching Financial Literacy with Text

Many creators will write text message courses to teach new skills. Matt Jaekel, one of the first people to ever create a text message course, started out by delivering "Fun Facts" of the day to his high school students. In no time, they were actually asking to learn investing via text. We sat down with Matt to learn a little bit about his background and process for writing the course. Portions in italics are from Ryan, our head of content.

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How 90,000 Refugees are Receiving COVID-19 Training through Text

Working with Pyramid Learning, Maxine Anderson, Arist's Chief Impact Officer, describes how Arist's team helped deliver vital COVID-19 training to refugees in the Nakivale Refugee settlement in Uganda.

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