Why Microlearning Plays an Important Role in Remote Training

Nowadays, every person multitasks and attempts to focus their attention on various different things at once. Doing one action for longer than ten minutes, or learning huge chunks of information in one sitting, poses a lot of problems. That’s where dividing the study materials into consumable pieces comes in. Microlearning can be the key to successfully training workers in a remote workplace.

Big Things Comes in Small Packages

As the landscape of the workplace becomes more inclusive of Gen Z, training approaches have to change. It didn’t take long for the internet to condition people into consuming every piece of text or media in a minute or less. You can also no longer corral employees into a big room to teach them about a new topic or feature in a remote workplace. Microlearning can solve both of these problems. Most people prefer to get information in smaller packages. It’s easier for them to learn new things and access learning materials whenever it’s convenient for them.

0%The best way to deliver impactful and effective training is simpler than you think: one text at a time.

Microlearning gained serious consideration when mobile phones became a basic human need—next to food and shelter. In order for this learning approach to work, trainees should take lessons repetitively. Access to their phones can guarantee that. They can get text messages about specific learning material in a short and innovative manner. Repetition helps people memorize and learn. As the material gets harder, of course, employees can switch to a more advanced learning approach.

Although learning new information in smaller bite-sized pieces can help get employees engaged, they will still need to eventually switch to consistent and long-term studying methods. Microlearning will aid most of the entry-level content before they move on to more in-depth and hands-on training.

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