How to Build Mobile Learning in Hours, Not Weeks

Mobile is the future. Email access on mobile devices has increased to an estimated 41% of all email opens. Online shopping has moved largely to smartphones. Audiobooks, podcasts, and YouTube have turned smartphones into on-the-go-learning devices. It only makes sense that eLearning and Learning Management Systems (LMS) are going mobile too.

Fortunately, you can build mobile learning courses in hours, not weeks.

Here’s how.

Make Mobile Learning Native

When you meet employees where they already live, on their smartphones, you make the learning experience feel natural.

There are two main product types available: web apps with a mobile component, and native apps built for mobile learning (or mLearning). While adapting a web app to include an on-the-go experience can move learning in the right direction (geoaware, learning anywhere!), these platforms lack the quick intuitiveness of a native mobile learning platform.

For the fastest content building, use a mobile-native platform.

Get Real with Your Audience

Learning has increased engagement when divided into bite-sized, interactive pieces.

So, when you build courses you want to constantly ask yourself these types of questions:

  • Who is my intended audience?
  • What business problem does this training solve?
  • What skillset do my learners already possess?
  • How can I most essentially distill the very next skill I want my team to have into as few ideas as possible?

Part of why mobile learning works so well is because it is student-centered. Capitalize on the inherent engagement of modern phone users with their devices, when creating your eLearning courses.

Start with Learning Content You Have

The quickest way to launch your initial mobile courses involves converting content and materials you already have.

Your required annual trainings, safety trainings, on-boarding, upskilling programs, etc can quickly be translated into a mobile experience.

Also, many “off-the-shelf” courses exist, which can be quickly modified to suit your business needs.

Break your existing materials into bite-sized learning content. Keep it fun! Go ahead and add the conversational, emoji-filled messages texters use.

Soon, in just a few hours per course, you’ll have a wealth of material ready for deployment.

Keep On Keeping On

Archaic training manuals became stale quickly. Unfortunately, so can eLearning courses. The best learning experiences keep material fresh, relevant, and updated.

Fortunately, since mobile content can be created and launched in mere hours, deploying fresh content is as easy as a click of a button.

At Arist we offer content creation in-house if you want it. We also provide free workshops, feedback, and course analysis to be sure you are making the most of the mobile learning experience. We will ensure you succeed with our LMS!

Click here and learn about lightning-fast mobile learning authoring.


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