Arist started as a way to deliver learning in war zones, one text message at a time.

A few years ago, we started Arist with a simple mission: delivering entrepreneurship courses to high school students in the Yemeni conflict zone.

Unfortunately, internet and laptop access was limited. However, almost everyone had access to a phone and text messages. Hence, the text message course.
At Arist, we care deeply about making learning more accessible and effective.

Since we invented the text message course in 2018, we've delivered 100,000+ courses to students, frontline employees, and managers alike.

As part of our commitment to access, Arist partners with non-profits and other social-good organizations to deliver impactful learning at scale at a discounted rate. Request discounted access here.

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Michael Ioffe
Co-founder & CEO
Shannon Kinney
Head of Account Management
Farjad Fazli
Software Engineer
Bianca Nieves
VP of Growth
Sam Johnson
Maxine Anderson
Co-founder & COO
Robert Lucy
Senior Software Engineer
Rosie De La Cruz
Experiential Marketing Lead
Jasper Ng
Chief of Staff
Rachael Ghorbani
Software Engineer
Ryan Laverty
Co-founder & President
Yuna Hur, M.S.Ed
Learning & Content Lead
Dan Horne
Customer Success Associate
Joel Theodros
Senior Enterprise Account Executive
Sana Malik
Head of Customer Success
Jason Doty
Principal Engineer
Merrill Cook
Director of Content and Brand Marketing

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