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Our Story

Two years ago, as college students, we started Arist as a way to teach and train students in the Yemeni conflict zone, where internet was limited but text messaging was abundant. We realized that texts could help make learning accessible to anyone, anywhere

After successfully launching our first course in 2018 — which we manually texted to learners every morning — we started building a platform that would let anyone rapidly create and launch their own text message course.

When COVID-19 hit, the need for remote-friendly learning skyrocketed, as the accessibility and satisfaction gaps in existing digital learning solutions were laid bare. Our team instantly started working with major nonprofits and companies alike, helping them define learning and content strategy, and giving them the tools to meet a newly-remote workforce.

Today, Arist helps leading enterprises deploy text message learning, and we’ve been able to meet rapid demand while working with many fantastic clients, partners, and investors. We recently raised a $1.9 million seed round led by Y Combinator, Craft Ventures, and Acadian Ventures.

Our team

We felt digital learning was broken and ineffective. We created Arist to make learning as personal and frictionless as possible, one text message at a time.
Michael Ioffe
Co-founder and CEO
Ryan Laverty
Co-founder and President
Maxine Anderson
Co-Founder and COO
Sam Johnson
Chief Technology Officer
Bianca Nieves
VP of Growth

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