How does an Arist lesson work?

A typical Arist lesson takes no more than 5 minutes, but is equal to 20-30 minutes worth of traditional e-learning. String together lessons to make full trainings.

1. Media + core content

Pair concise explanations with images, GIFs, links, and more.
Media file

Core content

👋 Welcome to Career Conversations for Managers!

✅ In this 5 day course, I’ll be your guide on the art of having great career conversations with your team: knowing your team, helping them prepare for their future, and having a career conversation.

2.Questions or exercises

Add questions, assessments, or exercises. Learners can just text back.
Question or exercise

❓ Before we dive in: on a scale of 1-10, how confident do you feel about holding career conversations with your team and why?
Automated reminder if no response

👋 Hey! Just a reminder to respond to the question when you have a second.
User response (just a text back)

6. I feel like I can take a more structured approach to career chats with my team.

3. Instant feedback

Feedback or additional content can be sent right after a user responds.
Instant feedback + more content

Got it. Thanks for letting me know!

❗ This course is *super* important.

🔑 Why? Because we know career convos are critical to your own growth potential and your team’s motivation. We never want talent to leave because they didn’t see room to grow.

⏩ In fact, over 70% of “high-retention-risk” employees want to leave because they see no future advancement in the current job.

Launch lessons in minutes

The Arist platform makes it easy to launch and analyze bite-size trainings. Use Arist as a standalone or with your LMS.
Your security team will be happy: Arist is built to SOC-2 standards and is GDPR, CCPA, and wage & hour-compliant

Create learning at lightspeed

Build trainings and nudges 80% faster vs. Articulate and other tools — no learning design experience required.
Easily build in media files, explanations, and interactive assessments or exercises with instant feedback. Instantly launch to all comms tools and 100+ languages.
Arist has 40+ free templates ranging from Career Development to DEI. Plus, we can create courses for you.
Scan a QR code
Select from catalog
Text a phrase
push to cohorts

Meet learners anywhere

Rapidly build custom cohorts and assign courses, or let learners opt-in on any device via QR code, phrase, or a link.
Setting up spaced learning, chatbot-style experiences, or scheduled message blasts is as easy as clicking a button. Reminders are fully built-in and everything is automated.
Arist has an industry-leading (and FLSA-compliant) opt-in and encryption process for personal devices.
Jane Smith
Senior Engineering Manager

Comprehensive analytics

Track completion, adoption, engagement, accuracy, and more. Rapidly filter data by user, course, and cohort.
Want to dive deeper? Explore in-depth answers, learner sentiment, and more on a question-by-question basis. Securely export data or send it to your LMS, LXP, or LRS.

Tracking outcomes has never been easier.
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