Creative Ways to Improve The Remote Learning Experience

Have you found yourself unable to learn or pay attention to a topic for longer than a minute? Ever felt like you haven’t retained anything at the end of the day after hours of reading? The world has begun to switch to remote-based operations, and lots of workers have needed to learn to adapt to a new workplace: Home. Whether it be a lack of appropriate office space or too many distractions, employees are finding it difficult to focus during remote learning. To remedy that, here are some effective ways to make the most out of the remote learning experience.

1. Make sure you only have the things you need.

Aside from basic working materials—computer, notebook, Thermoflask—make sure that the stuff in and around your workspace is what you really need. This varies from person to person, but one thing that you should never have next to you is your smartphone. If you do, however, need your phone, why not try to use it as your primary device for remote learning? You can even suggest that your employer or teacher use tools like Arist to explore new concepts in micro-learning and boost engagement.

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2. Avoid distractions during remote learning.

This may seem hard, but avoiding or at least limiting distractions is important to improve your remote learning experience. You can start by staying as far away as possible from your bed. Not only is lying down not the best way to work, but this could also lead you to take a nap. Find or invest in a comfortable chair, a sturdy table, and leg rest. Another thing to keep away from is your television. No matter how much you try to convince yourself, background noise through a television series is a myth.

3. Keep a healthy diet.

Every person has their own preferences when it comes to food. There is, however, one thing that should appear in all of them: vegetables. Keeping your body and mind as optimized as possible can help you focus more and reduce stress during remote learning.

Remote learning requires more than the regular classroom experience. You’ll need stronger patience and willpower in order to succeed and learn. With the help of the right tools and the appropriate environment, you can easily adapt to remote learning!

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