Build Courses on DEI in Minutes

It’s never been more important to include DEI courses in your workplace training lineup. In recent years, a movement has grown to recognize what so many have faced--feeling “different,” excluded, or judged in the workplace because of the color of our skin, our gender, who we love, or any other number of factors.

The law prohibits discrimination, so many companies include diversity, equity, and inclusion training just to comply with the law. Other organizations have joined in the sweep of a movement, intentionally breaking down workplace barriers that historically prevented equity.

These two intentions may seem like opposites: teaching DEI compliance because it’s required, vs educating from a perspective of desire to revolutionize inclusion.

In truth, an entire spectrum of reasons might exist for DEI training between these seemingly opposite training intentions, but from program directors, we hear one consistency--we want DEI courses to take minutes to create, not years!

Fortunately, you can rapidly build DEI courses, while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of your DEI training.

Here’s how.

Embrace eLearning Solutions

In this digital age, learning has become constant. With access to any information, at any time, we also expect to quickly absorb solutions--everything from everyday hacks to in-depth analysis.

Effective workplace training, therefore, works with the habits of learners, not against them. By implementing a digital learning solution, it is possible to:

  • Set up microlearning experiences, which may improve data retention.
  • Link to practice examples, videos, and exercises to bring material to life.
  • Embrace learning on a schedule and pace which works for the learner.
  • Stick to truly relevant material, which will improve the workplace application of your training materials.

While the list above applies to material of any kind, one might wonder if DEI courses really belong on a digital platform. Wouldn’t it be better to have heart-to-heart conversations around topics like inclusion?

As a general rule, no.

Making DEI Courses Impactful

While trained administrators can certainly facilitate group discussions about such topics as diversity, equity, and inclusion, self-study allows for self-reflection.

Individual conversations around diversity can place a great deal of responsibility on anyone self-identifying as a minority. People can feel “singled out” or obligated to speak on behalf of an entire (also diverse) group of people.

For example, if one person in a wheelchair were asked to represent all physical differences and accessibility issues in a workplace, that individual might feel qualified to do so, but might also feel undo pressure. If instead, employees all received DEI training, around many topics under the DEI umbrella including accessibility, they each have the opportunity to reflect on issues raised, individually.

Effective DEI training breaks down the many groups protected from discrimination. Ideally, training participants move through the material at their own pace. Everyone from the novice to the expert can grow from eLearning DEI courses.

Arist Helps You Launch Training Quickly

At Arist, we specialize in remote eLearning experiences. Our sample course templates, on such subjects as DEI training, make it possible for you to quickly plug in your industry-specific or workplace-specific resources into interesting, interactive text-based microlearning courses.

Take a test ride with us and see how you can build DEI courses in minutes.

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