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Is Your Company's Learning Strategy Scalable?

Developing an effective learning strategy takes skill and more than a little patience. Even when you’ve got it “all figured out,” organizational needs change. For example, your organization grows, maybe even quicker. That’s a good thing, right?

But growing pains often include learning programs falling through the cracks. Soon you notice that your organizational needs and your team skills do not match. HR departments scramble for “more qualified” hires. Learning management systems (LMS) get blamed, revamped, or abandoned altogether.

Sound familiar?

The real problem is scalability.

An effective learning system has scalability built in from the outset.

Read on and prevent (or cure) this common training program headache.

What Does Scalability Look Like?

The gold standard in training, coaching, or learning is tutoring. One-on-one learning ensures personal progress, positive reinforcement, and the most gain.

But one-on-one hardly seems scalable, right? Most educational institutions have huge classrooms! They fit the budget.

In fact, technology makes “tutoring” possible at scale. One can simultaneously deploy courses to students. However, effective courses also include the back-and-forth of tutoring-style learning reinforcement.

Additionally, most organizations spend too much time obtaining or developing learning content.

So scalability goals include: waste less time creating, making distribution simple, and modeling a tutoring structure.

Where Are You Wasting Time in Learning Strategies?

Content and distribution need to be scalable.

Often, the only distribution gets discussed. But the content of learning programs themselves is slow to build.

Courses should be quick to create, iterative in nature, and easy to push out to team members.

In all honesty, 80% or more of the training needed in a workplace are simple and standardized concepts. Most employees do not need in-depth knowledge on these topics. They need exposure to the material, positive reinforcement, a chance to practice new concepts, and enough repetition to feel comfortable with the knowledge gained.

With standardized content, individually deployed, you get scalability without sacrificing quality. This is another way technology helps. Deployment to workers at home, frontline workers, or a deskless workforce is possible with the right LMS strategy.

Arist Makes You Scalable

At Arist we make rapid content creation and ease of distribution core to our functions. Our text-message-based learning platform reaches your entire team. Or we can integrate with Teams or Slack and reach your remote employees on the systems you already use.

Our in-house course creation team generates easily-customizable content. You can also use your existing materials to rapidly generate that 80%+ of universal course content. With such a learning strategy, you free up the time to focus on more specialized materials.

What’s more, our content utilizes an individualized question-and-response structure, similar to tutoring. You bring the tutor to your learners with our scalable platform.

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