Creating An Inclusive Workforce Through Learning & Development

A 2021 Deloitte poll on millennial engagement in the workplace showed 63 percent feel their own talent is not being optimally developed. 

This is bad for business. 

The fastest-growing organizations are the ones who continually reinvest in developing talent and unlocking their potential. 

So what's the key that unlocks employee potential? The answer, inclusion.

An inclusive workforce makes people feel comfortable to be their authentic self and promotes alignment with the company mission. A team of individuals empowered to be their authentic self is how they produce high-quality, creative, and strategic work. In short, inclusion is rocket fuel for business growth. 

To achieve an inclusive workforce, you're going to need to bake it into your workplace culture. The only way to do this is to develop a robust learning and development program that inspires and expands skill sets.

Here's how:

1. Start early

Let's upgrade employee onboarding. Along with the standard procedures, onboarding is your best chance to create buy-in. 

To empower people to do their life's best work, we need our employees to be forward focused. Make a point to highlight how the organization has a culture of continual learning and take the time to better understand what makes your new-hire feel inspired.

Ask about their professional goals. Ask about their interests and what they'd like to learn. Find out what makes them tick. Then, create a learning roadmap that helps get them there.

2. Design your delivery

Your goal is to keep your employees engaged throughout their employment. If they know that continual learning is something your company commits to, you'll want to make learning, so they don't forgo education due to workload. Learning needs to be frictionless.

The best way to create frictionless learning is to meet them where they are -- that is, with a smartphone attached to the palm of their hand that never leaves their peripheral.

Try a course with Arist. Our text-based courses land right to your employee's devices. Creating a course takes minutes. Create your first course, or we'll personalize one for you.

3. Tailor your target

Let's talk about the big picture for a moment. In our technology-driven world, more young adults entering the workforce are electing to skip traditional education avenues, like colleges and universities, due to unnecessarily inflated costs. Many are now choosing to self-educate online. 

This means two things: 

  • The talent you hire is bound to have gaps in their game.
  • Everyone’s skill set and knowledge will be at a different level.

This is why understanding your employees is essential -- because personalization is vital.  Personalized education accelerates professional growth. Not only will it raise your employee's competency, but it can also amplify them on a personal level. 

Personalized education can be an enriching experience. Providing enrichment in a person's life is a privilege your company can provide, and that is an enticing value add for top-performers.

A word for the wise

There's not a competitive company in the world that doesn't invest in its employees. 

Aside from having a great product or service, a company with a team of high performing continual learners will create an inclusive culture that energizes your business past the competition. 

Try one of our courses and unlock your workforce.

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