Soft Skills & How To Invest in Them

The future of work is now—and it's fast. Digital innovations are constantly shifting the way we work, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. 

But one thing that isn't changing is the need for a high-achieving workforce that not only perseveres through rapid change but flourishes. The only way a team can grow together is if companies invest in their development. Companies that make continually learning a focus in their culture enjoy increased creativity, better collaborations, and accelerated productivity. 

One of the best ways to invest in employee development is to train soft skills. Soft skills relate to "how" we work. They are the intangibles or the non-technical, interpersonal skills that allow people to communicate effectively. They are the skills that help us interact with colleagues, solve complex problems, and ultimately serve our customers better. 

As important as hard skills are, you secure both current and future business success when paired with a suite of soft skills. 

Here are the top soft skills to invest in that future-proof your business:

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the number one skill that an employee should develop if you want them to move up to management. The ability to gather data, synthesize information, and formulate decisions based on analysis is invaluable to a business. 


If you read any founder's list of most desired skills of the future, creativity tops them all. When attempting to solve challenging business problems, it's rarely a straight line from problem to solution. Often, complex problems take creative solutions. 


Employees with strong communication skills build rapport in an instance. Everybody's communication style is different, so having the ability to tailor speech that fits the person and circumstance is an irreplaceable asset.


Nothing meaningful is accomplished without the help of others. Learning how to collaborate effectively allows a high-performing team to get more done with greater ease in less time.

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