4 Ways to Use Slack & Teams to 10x Your Learning Adoption Rates

Online collaboration apps have revolutionized coordination, especially with remote-working teams. But while your team may be organizing files, sending each other gifs or even utilizing built-in bots to quickly answer questions, certain important eLearning tools go widely underutilized.

We fully integrated Slack and Teams to enhance training programs. Whichever you use Microsoft Teams vs Slack, you can meet your team where they are and 10x your team's learning adoption rates directly through these powerful collaboration apps.

Here’s how.

Deliver Micro-upskilling Courses

Successful learning breaks training into bite-sized pieces. Incremental knowledge-building focuses on crucial data, plus enough practice to implement new knowledge or skills immediately. We call it micro-upskilling.

These short courses can build on each other. Learning gets spaced, a proven strategy for knowledge retention. Micro courses target vital organizational needs, functions aligned with training objectives.

Your team probably spends hours per day on Slack or Teams. Bring learning to them in those platforms and get results.

Send Nudges to Reinforce Learning

Even short courses can easily slip through the cracks. Fortunately, both Teams and Slack make it possible to deliver nudges to anyone who has not completed a task.

Whether using a task-management feature (like announcements) or the calendars described above, alerts for missed tasks notify program administrators or managers, as well as the employees themselves.

Learning nudges work similarly, a gentle push in the right direction.

Our bite-sized learning courses recognize that positive behavioral change works incrementally. Empathetic learning nudges encourage positive change and greatly improving learning adoption rates.

Improve LMS Adoption

The success of any LMS (learning management system) requires buy-in. You may make knowledge available, but it sits in cyberspace without adoption.

You can greatly enhance LMS adoption rates when integrating them with the powerful collaboration tools, Slack and Teams.

When short learning courses/experiences build on top of one another, you get enhanced skills. When those courses link right back into your central LMS, you make those tools more accessible and improve buy-in.

Deliver Courses Directly in the App

By now most organizations using Teams or Slack utilize themed channels for all project-related information, such as sharing files, chatting and publishing announcements.

The entirety of your eLearning courses can also be kept in these apps. Keep training organized. Everything gets accessed in one place-- the courses themselves, upskilling course sequencing guides, related videos, Q and A sessions, and more.

What’s more, you can prevent interrupting workflow. Switching devices or platforms requires changing gears. Courses that are fully integrated into Slack or Teams keep the flow of work going.

Get Help Booming Learning Adoption Rates

At Arist we integrate fully with Slack & Teams. Our powerful e-learning platform sends micro-learning experiences directly to each user. These short, accessible messages work just like our text-based learning system--without the need for a separate device or tool.

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