• Learning should be

    as simple as a text a day.



    Arist is the text message learning platform. We help individuals and organizations instantly improve learning and training, one text message course at a time.



  • The text message course: a Fast Company World-Changing Idea.


    Inspired by research from Stanford and UPenn, text message courses are effective and accessible.


    1,200 characters

    Send daily explanations, concepts, and case studies, all neatly packaged into 1,200 characters (about two well-written paragraphs) or less. Days can also include in-text links, images, and files.

    Complete flexibility

    Courses can be any length, with a 30 day course roughly equal to 10 hours of learning or training. Better yet, Arist works with SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, and users can pick the time of their daily text.

    Robust assessment

    Seamlessly create and track in-text exercises and assessments. >90% open and completion rates ensure high engagement and retention. It's a simple, fun, flexible, and easy way to learn.



  • Create, launch, and assess text message courses with ease.


    Quickly build brilliant text message courses from scratch (or using your existing content) and instantly deploy them to your organization or the public. It's an easy way to improve anything from compliance training to content reinforcement.

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