The text message learning platform

Instantly improve learning, training, and reinforcement with text message courses, which have completion and satisfaction rates of over 92%.

Welcome to the future of digital learning.

Why text messages?
Inspired by research from Stanford and UPenn, text message courses are efficient, accessible, and cost-effective.

With completion and satisfaction rates of over 92% (vs. ~5% for video courses), text message courses are a simple and proven teaching tool. Employees (especially Gen Z + millennials) love it.

Save time (up to 90%) and money by making courses in hours instead of weeks. Text message courses make authoring, publishing, and editing super simple, all through our easy-to-use platform.

97% of employees open a text in minutes, versus 7% or less for email and video. With SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp integration, text message courses are the world's most accessible digital learning format.

Instant business impact

From reinforcement training to harassment prevention and mindfulness, text message courses are already changing the workplace.
"The text message course made me more mindful at work, in just a text a day."
In partnership with KGA, a leading HR firm, Arist created a mindfulness text message course delivering mindful insights and meditative practices to employees each morning. After a 30 day course, employees reported feeling calmer, happier, and more present both at work and at home.
“This took a fraction of the time - and my team loved it.”
In partnership with Aquent’s Gymnasium, Arist created an introduction on front end development for up and coming web designers. The course received a 9.5 / 10 satisfaction score, and went from storyboarding to delivery in less than a week.
"I now have the skills I need to grow my business."
Jiwo Paro, a Nairobi, Kenya-based nonprofit, used Arist to deliver financial literacy training to dozens of seamstresses throughout the country. Text message learning helped Sarah, a partially deaf seamstress, get the training she needs to succeed.
The secret sauce

How does a course work?

It all starts with 1,200 characters. Send daily explanations, concepts, and case studies, all neatly packaged into 1,200 characters (about two phone screens) or less. Days can include in-text links, files, images, and assessments.

  • Robust assessment

    Seamlessly create and track in-text exercises and assessments. >90% open and completion rates ensure high engagement and retention. It's a simple, fun, flexible, and easy way to learn.

  • Complete flexibility

    Courses can be any length, with a 30 day course roughly equal to 10 hours of learning or training. Better yet, Arist works with SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, and users can pick the time of their daily text.

See it in action

Powerful use cases

Text messages are a powerful learning medium, with so many applications it can be intimidating. Here's a few of our client's favorite uses:

Compliance with results.

Despite the importance of compliance training, students and employees often have a hard time finishing and retaining compliance content, creating unsafe environments.

Using Arist, cover everything from harassment prevention to federal regulations, all on an intimate medium in digestible, bite-sized chunks.

  • Easy to remember content
  • Enjoyable format
  • High completion rates
  • Accessible from anywhere

Customers change. Training should too.

Product features and customer needs change by the day, but training modules change by the month.

Deliver product and sales training that meets busy and distributed sales teams where they're at: on their phones. The best part? Instantly update content to fit evolving needs and features.
  • Update offerings instantly
  • Learn customer personas
  • Deploy trainings in hours
  • Teach remote sales reps

Learning that actually sticks.

We spend all of our time creating great content and learning workshops, seminars, and experiences. Unfortunately, employees will forget 50% of what they learn within the first hour.

Using spaced learning and micro-learning models, Arist is perfect for pre-work and post-work, helping employees remember the most effective content everytime.

  • Follow up with employees
  • Update in minutes
  • Survey instantly
  • Improve retention

Your first day doesn't have to be your first day.

The first day on the job can be stressful enough for employees as is. Learning company jargin, norms, and values can take weeks.

With Arist, help new employees hit the ground running, with insights on thriving in their new role delivered right to their phone.
  • Explain company norms
  • Define common terms
  • Identify key policies
  • Walk through web tools

An easy-to-use platform

Seamlessly create, track, and assess text message courses with our all-in-one platform. Create courses in the course editor, publish them to your dedicated classroom, and measure impact with our assessment tools and analytics.
Frictionless creation

The course editor

Create and publish courses in just a few clicks. Our robust content guides, case studies, and sample courses can help you quickly get started.

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track and measure

Assessment tools

Each Arist classroom includes detailed analytics on a per-user, per-day, per-course, and organization-wide basis, enabling a data-driven approach to text message course development and management.

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Easy integration

White-labelling and SSO

Easily integrate text message learning with your existing tools. Everything comes white-labelled and, if needed, your classroom can easily integrate with your SSO and existing LMS.

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