5 Reasons Why SMS Learning Is a Solid Start For Remote Learning

Do you want to introduce an innovative approach to learning and development to get everyone excited about the new things that are happening at your company? Or are you looking for an uncharted path after trying almost every mode of training you could possibly think of? Here are five great reasons why you should consider SMS learning for your next training session.

1. Digital flash cards.

One of the great things about text messages is that they are easily consumable. SMS learning can help people learn about specific topics and content modules without feeling like they’re reading a whole textbook. They can be a substitute for flashcards. You can also combine brief texts about a subject or topic with images or visual aids.

SMS Learning
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2. SMS learning as an interactive game.

SMS learning can also be fun. Since you can make messages dynamic with different mediums such as text or images, you can design a course to be an interactive game where trainees achieve goals whenever they finish a section.

3. Trainees can communicate and collaborate.

Aside from sending text messages individually, you can also set up a group chat where trainees can talk to and help each other go through the content. SMS learning can also promote camaraderie amongst the workforce and improve remote workplace morale.

4. SMS learning is fast, easy, and personal.

Texting is immediate, convenient, and personal. It’s a great way to excite and engage everyone with important topics for growth in the company. Texting can also allow trainees to have direct contact with the instructors or their managers - with professional boundaries, of course.

5. The New Normal

SMS learning can be a great way to introduce remote training sessions, especially in the current post-COVID-19 environment. It also helps managers and instructors track their trainees’ progress while keeping them engaged in the process.


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