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See how Arist has transformed learning for some of the world's leading organizations.

EY needed to deliver vital courses to hard-to-reach locations. With Arist, they saw over 9,500 lives impacted.

NCC needed to deliver training to busy state leaders in a low-barrier way. With Arist, they saw a 95% completion rate.

UW needed to improve performance for 1,000+ medical residents. With Arist, they saw a 12% increase in outcomes.

SAP needed scalable, high-impact training for students worldwide. With Arist, thousands of lives were transformed.

The State of California needed to prepare residents for disasters. With Arist, over 90% felt more prepared.

The Thomson Foundation needed to rapidly train journalists on COVID-19. Within a few days, over 1,200+ learners completed the training.

DSS needed to rapidly deliver safety training. With Arist, DSS trained learners globally, with 90%+ answer accuracy rates.

Babson College needed to increase engagement when their Summer Study program went virtual. That's when Arist came in.

MediaWise at the Poynter Institute needed to explain misinformation to students at scale. With Arist, they saw a completion rate of 87%.

First Draft needed to rapidly deliver training on misinformation during the election. With Arist, they reached 2,000 voters.

GLISI saw a need to deliver DEI training to educators, that was accessible and digestible. That's when they found Arist.

APT saw a need to deliver accessible training to police in Madagascar when COVID-19 hit. With Arist, they have seen results with lasting impact.

Kent ISD needed to deliver professional development to teachers amidst the pandemic in an innovative way. That's when they found Arist.

Report for America needed to deliver innovative learning reinforcement to journalists in their cohort. With Arist, they achieved an 85% completion rate.

Axon Health needed to deliver accessible training to their distributed sales representatives. With Arist, they achieved an 87% completion rate.

Element needed to transfer their training content from a powerpoint to an innovative modality that their learners would love. With Arist, they achieved an 97% completion rate.
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