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We trained the world’s best AI on the world’s best learning research. The result? Build high-impact microlearning minutes, lightly edit, and launch via SMS, Slack, or MS Teams.
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Message-based courses in minutes

Let Sidekick craft course drafts in mere minutes. Support delivering the right learning, at the right place, at the right time by boosting your curriculum pipeline.

Learn more on the future of behavior change


Four critical ways AI is impacting L&D

This high-level guide will step you through how to position AI to accelerate business impact support through L&D.


Micro San Francisco

Our Micro series visits San Francisco for a full-day event for learning and person leaders in the tech industry. Including live demo of Sidekick.


Introducing Sidekick, how to leverage AI in L&D

Join us for a live demo of Sidekick and best practices for using AI in L&D.

Arist: science-backed, outcome-centered learning


Confidence lift in performing role*


Speed increase in learning creation*


Adoption of learning in messaging apps*

*Aggregated real-world results from a text a day.

From busy executives to frontline employees, Arist makes learning engaging, accessible, and impactful by meeting people where they are — all in just 5 minutes a day.

Here's why companies are switching to Arist:  

Delivery Methods
Learning in tools learners love: Slack, MS Teams, WhatsApp, SMS & Email.
Building courses and nudges on Arist are 80% faster vs. traditional e-learning tools. With Sidekick, it's even faster.
Track increase in confidence, learner satisfaction, and actions applied in real time.
Save over $120,000 in annual time savings for a typical 1,000-person company.
Arist is built to SOC-2 standards and is GDPR, CCPA, and wage & hour-compliant.
Research Backed
Arist's course model is backed by Harvard and Stanford behavior change research. Learn more.
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"Arist is, by far and away, the best tool we've used in the past year."

Global Learning Lead, Takeda