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Arist can can seamlessly integrate with your existing learning infrastructure, and you can also charge for your courses if needed (we handle all payment processing for you).

Send users a link to your course, embed it in your LMS or website, or quickly upload a list of users. Sign up takes 30 seconds or less, and data is always secure. Try it for yourself.

Plently of delivery options to choose from:

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Bulk upload emails, phone 
numbers, or WhatsApp IDs

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Add an embed 
to your website or LMS

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Share a link to a course or your Arist classroom


Track clearly

Each Arist classroom includes detailed analytics  on completion, engagement, and response data classroom-wide, by course, cohort, or individual learner.

You can track all user progress, responses, and analytics without ever leaving the dashboard. 
Plus, all data can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and 100+ other tools.


An enterprise-ready platform

Arist is GDPR-compliant and extremely secure. Request our Trust Center here.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I text my employees on their personal device?

Yes! In fact, this is the ideal method of delivery — our research shows that being able to learn on a personal device can drive a 90%+ adoption rate. 

With Arist, learners can securely opt-in and enter their phone number or WhatsApp ID, which we automatically encrypt. Phone numbers are only used to deliver your courses, and are both anonymized by default and deleted after the course is complete. We're also launching Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email integration shortly to give employees even more enrollment options.

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How do I plan courses for hourly workers?

All courses can be scheduled to specific shift times for non-exempt workers, and our unique opt-in process ensures that learners can engage on their personal devices in a secure and compliant manner.

Whether your delivering supplemental learning or compliance training (which we can seamlessly track for reporting purposes), Arist is a frictionless and accessible way to reach your hourly employees. Plus, our integrations with SMS and WhatsApp ensure that cost is never an issue.

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