• A dedicated classroom.


    Every Arist platform license comes with a custom-branded Arist classroom and domain, which is your home base for creating, deploying, managing, and assessing text message learning.

    Each Arist classroom supports unlimited course creation and unlimited authors. You can also securely manage your writing, editing, and publishing team entirely in the classroom.
    If needed, your classroom can easily integrate with SSO and your existing LMS, making the experience seamless for your students or employees.

  • Advanced course tools.


    Arist supports in-text images, videos, files, and assessments, allowing you to deliver rich learning content directly to the user's phone. You can also monetize courses in your classroom, generating revenue from your content.


    Users can choose what time they receive their daily text and what messaging platform they want to use, ensuring greater deliverability and engagement.

  • Powerful data.


    Each Arist classroom includes detailed analytics on a per-user, per-day, per-course, and organization-wide basis, enabling a data-driven approach to text message course development and management.


    Furthermore, our assessment and response tracking tools help accurately track learning, grading, and feedback for all your users.

  • Industry-leading support.


    Arist offers 24/7 phone and email support, along with free access to research-based course creation and editing guides that can help make your courses as effective and impactful as possible.


    Our content team also offers course creation workshops and outsourcing, saving you time by taking care of the course creation process for you. Interested? Talk to our content team about pricing.