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Case study: DuPont Sustainable Solutions

DSS made safety training that both employees and clients absolutely loved.


DuPont Sustainable Solutions is a leader in safety, sustainability, and training.

In the midst of COVID-19, their L&D team knew that — even if their clients could get employees to come back to work safely — there would be wariness about personal safety in the new normal and the threat of a second wave of infection. The DSS team needed their safety training offerings to be ready for anything.

"With COVID-19 coming and everyone working from home, we saw a real challenge with meeting client training needs and addressing important content without actually being in person."


Nancy's Discovery

That's when Nancy Kondas, Global Practice Leader of Branding and Communications at DSS, found Arist. Within just a few weeks, DSS had launched a number of courses targeted towards different employee groups.

“We started to use it internally within DuPont Sustainable Solutions to deliver safety training and actually had a handful of our clients use it as well. Many clients heard about the platform and its capabilities and thought it was a great way to deliver knowledge and sustain capability.”

"It became clear to us that text-based training is an important alternative delivery method for compliance training, especially for those who don’t have connectivity."


Opportunity Struck

Today, Arist is an important component for DuPont Sustainable Solutions for both internal and external training. Because they need to get adaptable coursework to employees quickly, many of whom are distributed all over the world, text message courses are a flexible and accessible training solution that meets employees where they are.

As an added benefit, texts break down complex subjects — which often have low engagement levels with traditional learning modalities — into short bursts of simple and engaging learning. With Arist, DSS can also track all learner data for compliance purposes.

"We really needed to teach these courses from the supervisor and manager perspective, and have a different course geared to all employees. [Arist] was a succinct way to get people ready, and have something in their hands when they come back."


Safety training that makes a difference

Today, DSS’ courses have completion and answer accuracy rates of over 90%. Learners love the bite sized content, and learning designers find the tool really easy to use as well.

In Nancy's words: "Overall, people [find] it really easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to consume the content. We wanted ... a tool that was really easy to integrate into existing systems and this does that really well."

Curious? Explore DSS' courses for yourself by clicking here.

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