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How DSS made compliance engaging throughout the pandemic

DSS safety training was so engaging, even their clients tried Arist

Dupont Sustainable Solutions is a leading consulting firm that helps their clients protect, transform, and sustain their people, assets, communities, and competitiveness. Their purpose centers around providing climate resilience to leading organizations.

Role of learner
Managers and ICs; Internal and external

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"We really needed to teach these courses from the supervisor and manager perspective, and have a different course geared to all employees. Arist was a succinct way to get people ready, and have something in their hands when they come back."


▶️ Ongoing safety question accuracy rates of over 90%
▶️ Dramatic course development savings and reusability for internal and external training
▶️ Circumvented connectivity issues to ensure frontline employees met compliance standards

The challenge

As a leader in safety, sustainability, and training, DuPont Sustainable Solutions knew that in the midst of a pandemic that even if clients could get employees safely back to work, that they would not willingly elevate risk for in-person training.

The challenge of how to quickly resume training for multiple parties was mission critical for DSS as part of their service set. Additionally, the rapidly changing situation meant that training needed to be in a format that was easily adaptable. Add to this connectivity issues for many frontline employees, and DSS was working through some distinct challenges in delivering compliance training.

How DSS supported learning outcomes with the utmost agility

Nancy Kondas, Global Practice Leader of Branding and Communications at DSS began testing the agility and speed with which courses could made with Arist immediately. Within just a few weeks, multiple messaging-app-based courses were launched targeting different employee groups.

DSS found that the constrained form factor of messaging-based lessons helped designers to break down complex subjects — which often had low engagement levels with other learning modalities — and boosted engagement in a route trackable for compliance data.

All courses were structured such that data could be piped back to existing systems, and the lower barrier to accessing course materials led to an increase in the amount of learner data and feedback that could be collected.

Over time, clients of DSS began to inquire about how DSS was able to continue compliance training to a globally distributed workforce during a pandemic. Many of these clients delivered similar training to their employees.

Impact of Arist for meaningful safety training

Even when it was live training, DSS had historically had low engagement with compliance training, one of the most important training types for a safety consulting firm. Today, DSS’ courses have a completion and answer accuracy rate of over 90%.

As new compliance measures have emerged and conditions with the pandemic have changed, DSS have been able to continue to create courses with the utmost agility. In Nancy’s word’s "overall, people [find] it really easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to consume the content. We wanted ... a tool that was really easy to integrate into existing systems and this does that really well.”

By integrating Arist reporting into their existing tool stack, DSS have been able to bolster compliance reporting, an important measure in their industry. Additionally, successful course launches for clients have helped to bolster safety across many multinational organizations.


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