• Corporate training, culture, and enrichment.

  • SMS is the future of education.

    Studies conducted by Stanford University, Jadara University, Penn State, and Accenture all show that text messages keep employees interested, engaged, and generally better at learning and retention.


    Why? Texts break down and condense information, leaving only the most important and relevant content. They also meet employees where they're at: on their phones.


    Working with professors at Babson College and USC, Arist launched the world's first text message course in May 2018. We're pioneering a more scientific, relevant, and novel approach to learning for students of all kinds.


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  • Make learning a habit.

    We strongly believe that everyone should start the day by learning, not scrolling through Instagram.

    One text per day

    Employees receive just one 918-character text every morning. It's a simple, efficient, and fun way to learn. Over 90% of students loved their Arist experience.

    Timed to the AM

    Daily Arist texts are timed to the moment each employee wakes up, ensuring optimal retention and engagement.

    Just $5/course

    Arist is cheap, hyper-scalable, and adaptable to your company's content management system. You can start training your employees using Arist immediately.

  • Use case #1: training.

    Corporate training can be super boring, difficult to follow, and hard to remember. Arist can instantly deploy any of your existing corporate training or onboarding materials on our SMS platform, making learning more interesting, practical, and efficient for your employees. Arist for Work easy to integrate and is always white-labeled, ensuring a seamless experience. $5/course/user.

    Use case #2: engagement.

    Engage your employees by sending them corporate culture-related texts every morning, ensuring that your team is excited, informed, and ready for work. $5/month/user.

    Use case #3: enrichment.

    Give your employees the gift of knowledge by giving them unlimited access to Arist's entire library of courses, written by the world's brightest professors. $5/course/user.

  • Case study: sexual harassment training.

    An average sexual harassment course costs $20 and consists of 30 minutes of unengaging video lectures. Unfortunately, these courses do little to actually engage employees and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.


    Starting in October 2018, Arist will be offering a comprehensive sexual harassment course delivered via our flagship SMS learning management system as part of Arist for Work. The course takes 30 days and exceeds state standards.

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