Maxine Anderson

Chief Impact Officer

Maxine Anderson is the co-founder and CIO of Arist. Maxine has an extensive human rights background, and has worked on impact initiatives ranging from developing educational resources for Native American reservations to delivering workshops in underserved regions in Mexico. She is currently a sophomore at Babson College.

Blog Posts

Can't Keep Students Engaged?

For any teacher, the hardest thing to keep is a student’s attention. In a world of Tik Toks and tweets, attention spans are at an all-time low, and the days of expecting students to read full chapters or watch documentaries at home are long over. Even getting a student’s attention in the first place can be an uphill battle. From Google Classroom to Canvas, students won’t log into anything unless prompted regularly. When tools work, teachers are forced to spend a lot of time and energy designing, deploying, and assessing learning. The tool itself shouldn’t become the lesson. Scott, a high school history teacher based in LA, understood this.

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How 90,000 Refugees are Receiving COVID-19 Training through Text

Working with Pyramid Learning, Maxine Anderson, Arist's Chief Impact Officer, describes how Arist's team helped deliver vital COVID-19 training to refugees in the Nakivale Refugee settlement in Uganda.

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