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    Ahead of our launch later this fall, we're working with the world's brightest professors to create SMS courses on everything from neurology to the poetry of William Butler Yeats.


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  • Course details.

    918 characters

    918 characters is the maximum size of a daily Arist text. This translates to two well-constructed paragraphs covering a single insight or concept in-depth.


    Daily texts can include pictures, links to videos and articles, discussion questions, and assignments. Arist is two-way, meaning you can ask users to reply with answers, questions, or longer responses.

    30 to 60 days

    Arist courses typically have 30 to 60 918 character modules, each representing one day in the course. Each course should be equivalent in scope to a semester-long course at a university.


    Arist professors receive a 35% cut of all their course revenue. We take care of everything except for the course content: marketing, customer service, and our SMS learning platform.

  • Our process.


    Decide what you want to teach.

    As an Arist professor, you have the flexibility to teach whatever you choose. You are welcome to teach more than one course, or a series of linked courses. You can either create a brand new course, or adapt one of your existing courses.


    Work with our team to make your course.

    You can either write the course from scratch (which should take around 4-10 hours) or share your existing curricula with our Course team, which can build an SMS course for you and save you some time. Either way, we'll be working alongside you to make sure your course works well in an SMS setting.


    Launch your course.

    Arist is launching our full-fledged university model later this fall. Your course will be amongst the first text message courses, ever. Furthermore, your course will be available worldwide, meaning that anyone with a smartphone can take it.​

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