• Concerned by the lack of educational resources in war-torn Yemen, Michael and Riley (childhood friends) began exploring ways to teach entrepreneurship to teens in a conflict zone halfway around the world.

    A few obstacles stood in the way: because of international embargoes, getting packages to Yemen was impossible. Only 30% of students in Yemen had consistent access to the internet. Nearly every student, however, had access to text messages.

    Michael and Riley quickly realized the power of text message education, both domestically and in distant war zones.


    Read about Arist's beginning in the Christian Science Monitor.

  • Arist is supported by an all-star network of professors, thought leaders, and experts.

    Mark Rice

    Provost, Babson College

    Brett Schilke

    Director of Innovation, Singularity University

    Lauren Rinkey

    Professor, USC

    Craig Masback

    Former CEO, US Track and Field

    Michael Ioffe

    Founder, Energy.org and TILE

    Peyton Chapman

    Principal and Board Member, NAASP

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