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Support seamless onboarding and work culture building by delivering courses to where your employees already are.

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Deliver learning with no app download required. Meet employees or new hires where they already spend their time.

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Spaced repetition, continued prompts to apply learnings and start conversations lead to real and lasting behavior change.

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Time-and-time again we hear L&D leaders report real and lasting behavior change. No forgetting curve. No training you can’t apply.
"I'm really excited about how scalable this course is as our program grows, and how it makes onboarding more interactive and less overwhelming for our new corps members."
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Arist's Top Onboarding and Culture Courses:

Pre-boarding: Company Introduction

Wellness Series: Strategies for Better Sleep

Resilience and Adaptability

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Onboarding & Culture Microlearning Templates

Hundreds of hours saved by L&D teams, <5m a day reinvigorates content coverage. Courses built on learnings from the top L&D teams on the planet.
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