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Bring learning to the people. No app download. Delivery through all major messaging platforms. Used for leading enterprise for lasting DEI-related change.

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Spaced repetition, continued prompts to apply learnings and start conversations lead to real and lasting applied behaviors.

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5 minutes a day is the average time it takes our scientifically-backed microlearning format to effectively change behavior.

Reach 3&4 in the Kirkpatrick Model

Time-and-time again we hear L&D leaders report real and lasting behavior change. No forgetting curve. No training you can’t apply.
"The advantage for me as a learning designer was the constraint, because each day I felt like I said the most important thing. Crafting something like this from the ground up gave us a new energy."
Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI)
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Arist's DEI Course Templates:

DEI Series: Intro to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI Series: Anti-Racism at Work

DEI Series: Implementing Best Practices

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DEI Microlearning Course Templates

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Our DEI template courses have helped the world’s most innovative organizations to start meaningful conversations and drive real behavior change.
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Global Learning Lead, Takeda