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Remove friction. Meet learners where they already spend their time. Revisit topics in the flow of work to drive lasting compliance behavior change.

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90% of information is forgotten within 20 days

When the average e-learning module costs $1000’s, this isn’t tenable. Build retention in <5 minutes a day.

One-off training doesn't work

Too many courses lack sticking power. Most of our clients reach levels 3-4 of the Kirkpatrick Model. In short, our course delivery methods stick.

Quickly adapt reinforcement protocols

Refactor existing learning materials with minimal work. Use advanced analytics and reporting to see what works. Manage cohorts with responsive messaging.
I'd been in one of the early courses through Arist, I had never seen anything like it. I was like, eh, we will see what this looks like and was super impressed by how much I could learn in very short blasts of information.
L&D Lead, Kent ISD
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Our top compliance template courses

Cybersecurity Series: Keeping a Safe Cybersecurity Hygiene

Technical Training Series: Safely Operating Powered Industrial Trucks

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Towards a Welcoming Working Environment

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Compliance microlearning templates

Save hundreds of hours and start with courses built on learnings from the top L&D teams on the planet.
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"Arist is, by far and away, the best tool we've used in the past year."

Global Learning Lead, Takeda