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✍🏼 Course Creation
March 31, 2022

Self testing of courses arrives 🦸‍♀️ !

Arist course modules take >90% less time than traditional elearning modules to create. Sure, it’s nice to get them “out of the door” to start educating and iterating quickly, but that’s no reason not to do some final usability tests.

Queue our new self-testing capabilities!

Within the course editor you (or someone of your choice) can preview the current state of the course via a variety of delivery methods.

Note that course previews will occur with instant delivery cadence (e.g. once a module is completed, the next will automatically be sent).

A quick checklist of elements you may want to look for with your course preview includes:

✅ Points your can easily skim

✅ Avoidance of large blocks of text

✅ Media that’s legible on all screen sizes

✅ Media that’s legible on all screen sizes