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🚀 Course Delivery
April 1, 2022

Say hello to binge mode 🍿!

You’ve asked and we’ve delivered! “Instant course cadence” — or binge mode as we call it internally — provides the ability for learners to consume entire courses on their own schedule.

Simply head to your cohort “distribution settings” and change “course cadence” to “instant.” Learners enrolled in this particular course distribution will receive the first module immediately. As soon as learners complete a module, the next module will be sent automatically. We’ve found this to be most useful for “point of need” training in which learners need to receive multiple modules to gain exposure to the topics they need.

It’s worth noting that instant course cadence disables settings related to the lack of a user response to a module or question (see above). Due to the lack of scheduled reminders to continue with a course, you may want to compare course completion rates for instant versus scheduled cadences for your particular use case.