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ūüöÄ Course Delivery

Our course distribution scheduler is live

We're obsessed with helping person leaders and learning teams deliver the right learning, in the right place, at the right time.
A key component of this focus is providing a set of features that enable learning teams to craft smart triggers for  learning delivery.

Our distribution scheduler allows for learning teams to determine the start date of a course. All other deliverability settings remain the same, they simply apply to dates after the initial course start date.

While we're building out additional trigger types, the ability to target course launches by date is a particularly flexible starting point.
Let's say you have a planned one-off training that you want to launch reinforcement for a set number of days afterwards, our course scheduler can help.
Let's say you have a cohort of new managers and you want to refresh onboarding six months out, our course scheduler can help.

Let's say you need to launch training initiatives on monthly or quarterly cadences, our course schedular can help.

Where to find the course scheduler

Edit the "course start date" to determine the start to your distribution schedule.

Within the distributions tab you can create or edit a current distribution to include a start date for the course. It's worth noting that once the course starts, all other deliverability settings will continue as they have.

In the above example, the course would begin sending between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on the first Tuesday after the start date.