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📊 Learner Management
August 22, 2022

Deliverability, course previews, and a visual redesign of our platform

This release note includes several new feature releases as well as improvements to previously released features 🎉

Feature 1: a more intuitive interface for our platform

We've completely redesigned the interface of our platform. We've sought to bring users a polished look to match recent performance improvements as well as focused on consistency in in-app terminology, effective context clues, and a logical separation of common workflows. To read our full announcement on our platform redesign click here.

Improvement 1: previewing courses

Our recently released course preview feature has become easier to use. Users will now see a simplified modal version of their course upon clicking “preview course.” Additionally, administrators are now able to preview courses in Slack and MS Teams for themselves if their organization has Slack or MS Teams already enabled.

Improvement 2: cohort syncing between messaging apps

Learner cohorts created within Slack or MS Teams will now dynamically update within the Arist platform. This means the status and participants within a Slack or MS Teams employee group will be synced automatically with the Arist app. When a user removes a learner from their Slack or MS Teams instance, the learner is removed form the cohort in the Arist App, but remains as a learner entry within the app.