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✍🏼 Course Creation
July 11, 2022

Deliver courses in minutes with our microlearning template library ⚡

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! Today we’ve released a collection of template courses that users can utilize out-of-the-box, edit, or simply scout for ideas.

Our template courses span many of the topics our platform has been most regularly utilized to send, including:

  • Career Skills
  • Leadership & Manager Development
  • DEI
  • Data & Analytics
  • Finance
  • Product
  • Compliance
  • Onboarding & Organizational Culture
  • Personal Development
  • Sales

Why template courses?

Text-based microlearning courses already save learning teams an average of 82% on course development costs. This is based on the fact that many of our users are able to launch new courses in as few as 7 hours (as opposed to over 40 with other elearning tools). Template courses take this time savings even further by allowing administrators to enroll learners in a course that has already been prepared or with minimal editing. From what we've seen, template courses drop "time until live" down to 2-3 hours, meaning >90% time savings compared to traditional corporate training.

Additionally, each template course is based on microlearning best-practices we’ve helped employ to drive behavior change at 100’s of leading enterprises. In particular:

  • Reduction of friction - grab learners' transient attention and keep lessons to below the average selective sustained attention time to reduce refocusing.
  • Transfer of learning - nudge learners to apply learned info, strategies, and skills in new contexts to cement knowledge further.
  • Cognitive Load Theory - utilize the best of working memory without overloading learners. Space repetition and vary application for better results.
  • Metacognition - Prompt learner reflection and application of new concepts. Micro becomes more than learning reinforcement when learners love the delivery method.

How to utilize a template course

Within the Arist administrator dashboard you can find template courses within your courses listing, simply click “templates.”

After browsing available templates, select the three dots next to the course of interest and then “use template.” This will take you to the course editor screen. To utilize the template as is, simple click “next” and then “delivery” to manage your distribution settings as you would for any of your own courses. Otherwise you may edit the template course to speed up your custom course development process.