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🚀 Course Delivery
May 3, 2022

Blank modules for learning reinforcement and surveys 📆

In case you're wondering, a module is how we describe one of our bite-sized lessons in a time-independent way. "Days" of learning only make sense for courses on a day-based cadence. And we've recently expanded our course cadence options to include instant cadence (known as binge mode), as well as "blank modules." 

You may wonder why you would like to include a blank module in your course. There are generally three reasons why you would include a blank module.

  • You want to support learning reinforcement efforts X amount of time after the last delivered module
  • You want to send a survey or questionnaire after a portion of a course
  • You want to support spaced repetition at variable lengths throughout a course

The ability to include blank modules in your course is available within the course creation workflow directly under where you would add a new module. Simply click “add blank” to insert a one course-day break between modules.