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📊 Learner Management
March 21, 2022

Automate microlearning with Zapier + Arist 🌐

Zapier allows thousands of teams to connect thousands of apps. It's as simple as designating a "trigger" within one app, and linking it up to an "action" that occurs in another.

In this case the "action" is enrolling a new user into one of your Arist course distributions. 🥳

What are examples of when this would be useful? 

- A new customer is entered into your CRM and you want to enroll them into a course
- A new employee registers for your messaging app, and you want to enroll them in an onboarding course
- A cohort of students missed a learning KPI, and you want to provide them with extra support
- A group of your employees were just issued a new piece of equipment and could use "point of need" training

If you've never tried out Zapier, note that basic workflows often do not need technical implementation. With this said, you'll want to reach out to your account representative at Arist to discern requirements for getting your integration up and running!