Employees forget 50% of what they learn in the first hour, making workshops and seminars ineffective on their own. Using text messages, Arist makes learning stick.

  • Follow up with employees
  • Update in minutes
  • Survey instantly
  • Improve retention

Learning that actually sticks

Using spaced learning and micro-learning models, Arist is perfect for pre-work and post-work, helping employees remember the most effective content every time.

Create better courses

Sick of poor outcomes with company programs? Text message courses defining terms or checking retention make in-person time count.

Improve information retention

With just one text per day, text message learning uses spaced learning help employees remember the most important company info.

Get instant feedback

Don't wait to find out what employees thought, or what they learned, after the workshop. Send questions and assessments via text instantly.

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A white paper on text message learning

What challenges do learning leaders face? What happened in early studies of text message learning? Why are texts an effective teaching medium?

See in depth studies, learning models, and insights in Arist’s white paper on text message learning - the first of its kind. Just enter your email and we’ll send it over.
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Using Arist, cover everything from harassment prevention to federal regulations, all on an intimate medium in digestible, bite-sized chunks.

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Two-thirds of all learners have a cell phone. With text message courses, learning becomes available to students all over the world.

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Deliver product and sales training that meets busy and distributed sales teams where they're at: on their phones. The best part? Instantly update content to fit evolving needs and features.

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Arist helps new employees hit the ground running, with company jargon, norms, and values delivered right to their phone.

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