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  • A few excerpts from Arist.

    Get a sense of the course.

    Generating ideas.

    We’ve learned how to structure a speech, but how do we make great content? It starts with idea generation. It’s no secret that great content starts with great ideas. Relax, put on some music, and get out a notebook or sticky notes. Write down all the ideas on your topic that come to mind.

    This includes everything you want to mention, i.e. stories you want to bring up or takeaways you want to give the audience. Your notebook or sticky notes may look like a mess, but this is part of the process.

    Next go online and search for facts, statistics, etc. about possible topics and see if anything stands out. This stage is all about getting ideas and possible topics down on paper! It’s important to let your ‘creative juices flow’ before doing research and finding statistics. App developers always start on pen and paper for this very reason! Creativity should have no practicality checking in, at least initially.

    Voice fluctuation.

    We’ve learned about being loud enough, but just being able to project won’t do it. Nothing will lose the audience faster than a speaker who is monotonous. Similarly, voice fluctuation is an effective tool for engaging the audience.

    Tone reflects the points we want to emphasize. Speaking louder is the common way of emphasizing a point, but what is less common is speaking loudly and then almost coming to a whisper (while still audible) when making a crucial point.

    The audience will have to really listen to hear and will wonder pay attention when things get quiet. People notice instantly when a room becomes very quiet and a speech is no different.

    Next time you’re having a conversation, pay attention to how your voice naturally fluctuates. This typically doesn’t translate to speeches because too much focus is placed on content and too much caution on speaking clearly, but everyone has the ability!

  • Public speaking, broken down and explained.

    Learn how to explain your ideas thoroughly and thoughtfully. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to become a better, clearer, and more effective speaker. This class is closed for the summer.

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