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[Announcement] We're updating our privacy policy and terms of service to better serve enterprise users

All current Arist users should note that we are updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The updated Terms of Service are available here and will take effect on September 6, 2022.  Here is a summary of some notable changes:

  • We have modified the Terms of Service Agreement to make it clearer and easier to understand.
  • We have added a Data Processing Addendum and other information about the steps we take that are designed to keep the Arist services, and your data and content, safe and secure.
  • We have updated the description of how authors can use Arist to create, deliver and analyze engagement with courses, and how learners can enroll in courses.
  • We have added information on cancellation and other terms.
  • We have updated our contact information.

Our updated Privacy Policy is available here and will also take effect on September 6, 2022.

  • In summary, we are updating our Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand the personal data we collect, to give you greater control over your personal data, and to provide additional information about international data transfers and the measures we take to safeguard those transfers. It’s important to us that we keep your data safe and explain to you how we use it.

No further action is required by you to accept our updated terms.  Your acceptance will be deemed granted if you continue to use the Arist services on or after September 6, 2022.

Thank you for being part of Arist’s microlearning community!

The Arist Team

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