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A better way to train

Bring learning to people

Arist makes learning engaging, accessible, and impactful by meeting people where they already spend 80% of their time — all in just 5 minutes a day.

Arist's course model is backed by Harvard and Stanford behavior change research. Learn more.

Trusted by over 10% of the Fortune 500

But it's not our opinion that matters


learner satisfaction rate


lessons opened in 3 minutes


confidence lift in performing role
*real learner outcomes. Read more in our white paper.
hybrid-friendly training that works

Drive amazing outcomes

From DEI and safety training to career development and customer training, we have you covered.
Takeda increased learner satisfaction to 96%
GLISI increased DEI training adoption by 500%
UW Medical improved OBGYN scores by 12%
hybrid-friendly training that works

High-stakes, frontline, leadership, you name it

In a landmark study, the University of Washington found that Arist improved OBGYN exam scores by over 12%.

From career development to compliance, Arist creates measurable and trackable performance impact.

"We saw learners have real behavior change. It was the perfect way to get them from 0 to 1 on a complex subject."

Learning Manager, DoorDash

The platform for injecting learning into workflows

Create, deliver, and analyze bite-size courses in minutes. Arist is the only major microlearning platform that requires no app download and offers multiple messaging app modalities (SMS, MS Teams, Slack, WhatsApp).

Create learning at lightspeed

Build courses and nudges 80% faster vs. traditional e-learning tools — no learning design experience required.
Easily add media files, explanations, questions, and feedback. Launch to all comms tools and 100+ languages.

ROI: reduce course development costs by 82%

Meet learners anywhere

Rapidly build custom cohorts and assign courses, or let learners opt-in on any device via QR code, phrase, or a link.
Personal devices? No problem. With built-in wage & hour compliance, use personal devices in 1-click. No app download required.

ROI: over $120,000 in annual time savings for a typical 1,000-person company

Comprehensive analytics

Track completion, adoption, engagement, accuracy, and more. Rapidly filter data by user, course, and cohort.
Want to dive deeper? Explore in-depth answers, learner sentiment, and more on a question-by-question basis. Securely export data or send it to your LMS, LXP, or LRS.

ROI: improve performance by 12%

Thoughtful integrations

Trigger course enrollments based on actions in thousands of external apps.
Get microlearning courses "out the door" quickly then link learner accounts with those existing in your LMS.

ROI: 90% lower "time until live" for training

Your security team will be happy: Arist is built to SOC-2 standards and is GDPR, CCPA, and wage & hour-compliant.

Explore the future of continuous learning


Microlearning in 2023: benefits, science

Why does microlearning work? What use cases are best, and what's the science?


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White paper

Improving Organizational Performance at Scale

Dive into the most comprehensive meta-analysis on learning in the flow of work.

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"Arist is, by far and away, the best tool we've used in the past year."

Global Learning Lead, Takeda