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A better way to teach and train

Named a "must-have" by Chief Learning Officer, text message courses let you teach and train in bite-size chunks that learners love. All they have to do is text back.

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95%+ open rates

With sky-high open rates, text message courses drive completion, engagement, and satisfaction rates that are far greater than other learning tools.

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Meet people where they are

Instantly reach thousands of learners in just a few clicks, no laptop, app, or LMS necessary. No video = no video fatigue, and even busy people have time to text.

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Build courses in hours, not weeks

Text message courses can include interactive questions, GIFs, emojis, and more. There's zero learning curve, and we can even build courses for you.

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Prove meaningful outcomes

Inspired by cutting-edge research, text message courses help shift behavior and improve knowledge retention. Plus, you can track outcomes in real-time.

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Teach or train anyone

One text at a time

Text message courses consist of an image, 1,200-character concept or case study explanation, and interactive assessment sent every day over a few weeks. Backed by research, it's a simple model that gets results.

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Concise, clear, and fun

This is a breakdown of one module. A typical course consists of 5-30 modules, sent out once a day via SMS or WhatsApp. By breaking courses into just 2-5 minutes a day, Arist helps learning fit in seamlessly with everyday life.

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Learning benefits

Tiny courses, big impact

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10x engagement rates

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Deliver training 

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satisfaction rates

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Launch courses 7x faster


Powerful use cases

From patient and provider education to product education to sales training and reinforcement, we have you covered. Curious if your use case is a good fit? Shoot us a note. In the meantime, explore some of our favorite Arist use cases:

Safety training that works for everyone, no LMS or laptop necessary.

When DSS needed to rapidly deliver safety training, they turned to Arist. Within days, DSS trained learners globally, with 90%+ answer accuracy rates. Employees loved it.

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Awareness education made personal, effective, and deeply engaging.

When the State of California wanted to prepare residents for disasters, they made a text message course. Now, any resident can get trained and take action in a text a day.

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Teaching complex topics in an accessible, digestible, and personal way.

MediaWise at the Poynter Institute needed to explain misinformation to high school and college students at scale. With Arist, it took just a text a day.

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Learning reinforcement that harnesses science (and short attention spans).

When Babson College made their Summer Study program virtual last-minute, Professor Jonathan Sims needed a way to increase engagement. That's when Arist came in.

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Diversity & Inclusion training that changes behavior, one text at a time.

How do you make DEI training that shifts employee behavior? For Project Include, led by ex-Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, the answer was easy: meet learners where they are.

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Mission-critical training that learners can actually access (and complete).

When the Thomson Foundation needed to rapidly train journalists on COVID-19, they found Arist. Within just a few days, over 1,200+ learners completed the training.

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a proven Method

Improve behavior change and knowledge retention

Inspired by nudging and spaced learning research from some of the world's leading universities, text message courses are one of the best ways to shift behavior and improve knowledge retention.

An all-in-one platform

Build courses at the speed of text

"Easily my favorite learning and training tool." — Learning Designer, Fortune 500 company


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