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How it started

Meet Mohammed

In September 2018, Mohammed Al-Adlani, a high school student in war-torn Sana'a, Yemen, reached out to Michael and Riley (two of Arist's co-founders) explaining the dire educational situation in Yemen. Our entire team was deeply inspired by Mohammed's activism and passion for learning, and realized that we needed to do something to help.

Arist started with a simple realization

Michael and Riley began exploring ways to teach entrepreneurship to teens in a conflict zone halfway around the world. A few obstacles stood in the way: because of international embargoes, sending books to Yemen was impossible. Furthermore, only 30% of students in Yemen had regular access to the internet.

text message access
Nearly every student, however, had access to text messages. Michael and Riley quickly realized the power of text message education, both domestically and in distant war zones.

Our model

Over 69% of students have a mobile phone, making Arist the most accessible learning tool on the planet. From creation to distribution, these key resources make our dreams a reality.

Non-profit partners

We partner with non-profits and community leaders around the world to identify their needs.

Content creators

Arist works with professors, thought leaders, and professionals to create text message courses.

Course delivery

We deliver courses to students and volunteers in need via SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

Let's make a difference, together.

If you are a socially-driven organization looking to teach, train, or upskill students and volunteers, schedule some time with us.