• Some frequently asked questions.

    How do I sign up for a course?

    Click on Courses in the top navigation bar and choose the course you’d like to enroll in. Sign in or sign up by entering your phone number and email address when prompted. Enter your payment information if applicable and click “Enroll and Activate.” You’ll see a prompt to receive a four digit activation code, which will be texted to your phone. Enter this code on the screen and select the time you’d like to receive your course everyday. You’ll receive a confirmation text once activated.

    My course isn’t activating or isn’t being delivered. What do I do?

    If you aren’t getting your daily course, try these quick steps:

    • Check that you’re signed in to Arist. In the top left of the navigation bar, if you see Account you’re all set.

    • Be sure you’ve entered the correct verification text. If you were prompted to enter a 4 digit code, make sure you’ve entered the correct code. If your activation code didn’t send, try refreshing the page and enrolling again.

    • Check that you’ve entered the correct phone number. You can find and edit your phone number by clicking on Settings under Account.

    If you’re still having trouble with course activation or delivery, reach out to support@arist.co and we’ll help right away.

    Is it all just through SMS?

    Arist is compatible with SMS, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger, so users can choose their favorite platform to receive their daily course.

    Can this integrate with my company’s LMS system?

    Arist is easy to integrate with most LMS'. To see if you can integrate yours, reach out to support@arist.co and we’ll get back right away!

    Can I track if my employees are learning?

    Of course! When building in a course, you can add assessment questions and see responses and engagement metrics. To learn more, scroll down.

    What can I do on Arist?

    Good question! This has a lot to do with what permissions you have. Here’s a quick breakdown:

    • Writer - Writers have the ability to create new courses and mark them as Ready for Publishing in the course editor. They can set course lengths and subjects, and add content and assessment questions.
    • Publisher - Once a writer has marked a course as Ready for Publishing, a Publisher has the ability to approve this courses.
    • Distributor - Distributors have the ability to choose where and how courses are deployed.
    • Analyst - Analysts can view user, course, and organization-wide engagement metrics.
    • Admin - Admins can edit user permissions and course ownership between writers.

    How do I create my own course?

    If you haven’t already, make sure to fill out a request to get your own Arist container at https://lrn.st/start. We’ll be in touch shortly!


    Once you have your own container, sign in and click on Dashboard in the top right of the navigation bar. Next, click on Create a Course in the top left under My Courses. If you can’t see My Courses in the Dashboard, check that you have the right permissions.


    Enter the name, category, and duration and click on Create and Edit. In the course builder, you can add course images, subjects, and content. Once your course is ready, make sure to select Ready for Publishing to the left of the image.

    My course is marked Ready for Publishing but I don’t see it on the course page. Where is it?

    Your course is still a Pending Draft until a Publisher approves it. If you have Publisher permissions, click on Pending Drafts under Course Management and select the course you’d like to publish. Click on Approve Course. This will make the course accessible to everyone within your organization.


    Can others outside my company take a course?

    Arist courses can be made publicly accessible to members outside of your organization. If you have Distributor permissions, click on Publicly Accessible under Course Distribution and click Add Course. Select the courses you would like to make public and hit Submit Courses. These courses are now accessible to anyone you send them to. You can adjust pricing, find the course link, or guard it with an access code by clicking on the course under Publicly Accessible Courses.

    Can I ask questions in my course? Where can I find the answers?

    We encourage course authors and content creators to include questions in their courses to get feedback or track assessment. If you have Analyst permissions you can see responses by selecting Responses under Analytics on the dashboard.

    How do I invite my team members?


    If you have Admin permissions you have the ability to add team members. On the dashboard, click on User Permissions under User Management. To add a new user, click Invite User and type their email address in the box shown. You can also automatically add their permissions here.


    To edit a current user’s permissions, simply click the blue icon located to the right of their email under Actions. To remove a user, click the red icon directly to the right.