• Explore use cases.


    Make your digital learning and training more effective, engaging, and easier to use by embedding text message courses with your organization. Arist can be used for everything from behavior change to teaching Architectural History, but here are a few of our favorite use cases.

  • #1 Compliance training


    Despite the importance of compliance training, students and employees often have a hard time finishing and retaining compliance course content, creating environments that may be liable or unsafe.


    Thankfully, compliance training by text is both cheaper and dramatically more effective in terms of content retention and end-user satisfaction.


    Use Arist to create courses covering everything from machine operation safety to federal regulations, delivering compliance training in digestible bite-size chunks instead of all at once.

  • #3 A better workplace


    It’s no secret that work can get hectic and become a major source of stress for employees.


    Topics such as Mindfulness or Stress Management aren’t learned but practiced on a daily basis, and their consistent nature and simplicity makes them ideal for text message learning.


    Arist lets organizations take a proactive approach to creating a low-stress and high-happiness workplace. In fact, employees have resoundingly said that text message courses make them feel happier, healthier, and calmer after just a few weeks.

  • #5 Professional development


    For many organizations, the hardest part about professionally developing employees is to find time, keep workers engaged, and stay consistent in encouraging self-improvement.


    With text message learning, employees are kept accountable to build positive habits on a daily basis.


    Here's an example: a text message Leadership course asked users to name goals they would like to accomplish, evaluate themselves as a leader, name top strengths and weaknesses, and assess their team across a variety of criteria.