• Start every morning with the best

    Intro to Entrepreneurship class ever.

    Created with the guidance of professors at Babson College and USC, Arist is the world's first text message course.

  • Make learning a habit.

    Arist started with a simple concept: you should start the day thinking

    about how to launch your next big idea, not scrolling through Instagram.

    One text per day

    Receive just one text every morning. It's a simple, easy, and fun way to learn. 85% of users would recommend it to a friend.

    Four weeks

    The course runs four weeks, and succinctly covers basic entrepreneurial concepts. The best part? No tests or homework.

    A $12 course

    The average cost of one college lecture is $140. Access the knowledge bases of top universities for the price of lunch.

  • Every Silicon Valley buzzword and concept, explained.

    Learn how to innovate and create. Arist is perfect for students, adults, and anyone who wants to incorporate entrepreneurial thinking into their own life. This class is closed for the summer.

  • Try Arist for free: text Arist to (480) 462-7478.

  • The Arist Manifesto

    How do you start your mornings? Do you sit up and stretch your arms out wide? Do you jump out of bed and look at your calendar? Do you start thinking about something important and groundbreaking? Chances are, this isn’t what happens. You wake up, turn off your alarm, and make a beeline...
  • A few excerpts from Arist.

    Get a sense of the course.

    The importance of habit.

    You may find that working consistently on a project is tough. How do startup founders stay focused all day every day for years on end? The answer is that they have dedicated systems, or habits, that allow them to do what they need to without thinking about it. It just happens.


    For example, they may deliberately set aside three hours every morning to work on their project. Pretty soon, this becomes a habit and seems like second nature.


    We’ve found that habits are a strong differentiator amongst entrepreneurs. Not much is different between you and great CEOs besides the habits each one of you has incorporated into your day-to-day routine.


    On a basic level, that means asking these questions: do you wake up early and seize the day, or do you sleep in? Do you jump right into a project you have, or do you wait? Do you actively maintain personal and professional relationships, or do you ignore them?

    Explaining blockchain.

    Imagine a large auditorium filled with hundreds of people and they all have clipboards.


    One person goes up to the front, leans into a microphone, and says: “My name is Riley and I am going to pay Michael 5 bitcoin.” Now, everybody writes down that Riley paid Michael 5 bitcoin on their clipboards.


    Change every person in this scenario into a computer, and that’s what blockchain is. It’s millions of computers recording who paid who what, thus making it incredibly difficult to fake a payment or make up a transaction that simply didn’t happen.


    Now, this doesn’t seem that groundbreaking, but what’s important is that this system is super reliable and totally decentralized. This means anywhere you have records, data, or certifications, you can make them nearly impossible to fake without trusting a central organization, like the government, to keep them for you.

  • Give forward.

    We've partnered with TILE.org, the world's largest conversation series, to make Arist available to teens in war-torn Yemen. We believe that entrepreneurship education should be accessible to everyone.

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