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Microschool leader 😮

Date posted: 
May 27, 2022
Salary Range: 
Competitive market rate
What Makes This Role Special: 

Primer is changing how kids explore and discover together. Whether they'r einto coding or chess, drawing or astrophysics. Help us build clubs and communities for the next generation of leaders!

Full Job Description: 
About you

You're an experienced teacher who's excited about leveraging Primer's operational and instructional support to open a full-time, mixed-age microschool in a community you love.

  • You love working with kids and families and have 5+ years experience as a teacher or childcare provider for K-12 kids.
  • You build such strong relationships with kids that they occasionally return to say hi years after you worked with them.
  • You know how to create strong class culture and joyfully lead groups of kids in activities, games and meaningful conversations.
  • You're flexible, adaptive and excited to lead in this new world of microschools. You are eager to work with others to create a new way for kids to learn.
  • You have high academic expectations for kids, and love to see them engage in authentic learning. At times you have gone above and beyond to create opportunities for a child to follow their unique passions. You celebrate their growth.
  • You're comfortable with online tools similar to Google Classroom and Zoom.
About the role

The majority of this work falls into the following buckets.

  • Student Recruitment - With Primer's support, you'll leverage your experience, strengths and connections to attract students to the exciting new microschool you're bringing to your community.
  • Family Engagement - As the face of your microschool, you'll warmly engage families by sharing updates and hearing feedback. You help route any concerns to the right Primer teacher or operator.
  • Daily operations - If the lights or internet go out, you'll be there to help get them back on; while Primer's team will be in the cloud and on the ground supporting with most routine operations, you will frequently be best positioned to respond first to any urgent needs that arise.
  • Culture Leader - You'll set and maintain a strong culture of growth and kindness within your microschool. You'll lead your cohort to set goals, celebrate progress and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • Academic support - While you won't be responsible for driving academic lessons or grading, you'll be supporting your kids in their learning everyday. When they get stuck, you'll the first to notice and help them or ping their virtual teacher to ensure they get unstuck fast.

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