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Over 2,000 organizations and creators use Arist to make training engaging, effective, and accessible. Check out a few of our favorite case studies.

Safety training that works for everyone, no laptop necessary.

When DSS needed to rapidly deliver safety training, they turned to Arist. Within days, DSS trained learners globally, with 90%+ answer accuracy rates. Employees loved it.

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Public education made personal, effective, and deeply engaging.

When the State of California wanted to prepare residents for disasters, they made a text message course. Now, any resident can get trained and take action in a text a day.

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Learning reinforcement that harnesses science.

When Babson College made their Summer Study program virtual last-minute, Professor Jonathan Sims needed a way to increase engagement. That's when Arist came in.

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Teaching complex topics in a digestible and personal way.

MediaWise at the Poynter Institute needed to explain misinformation to high school and college students at scale. With Arist, it took just a text a day.

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