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Announcing free Arist access for schools affected by COVID-19

In light of closures due to COVID-19, Arist will be making our text message learning platform accessible to all teachers and professors affected by the outbreak through the end of this semester.

Arist is a simple and effective tool for remote course reinforcement, supplementation, and even lesson replacement. It takes just a few minutes to set up and get started, and requires little to no maintenance.

How does a course work?

Most text message courses are 5 - 30 days long. Let's break down a typical course day, which usually takes just 5 minutes to complete:

Add an image or animated GIF that sends entirely in-text: infographics, graphs, pictures of cats, GIFs from The Office, or anything else. Video and audio files coming soon!

Walk through a concept or case study in 1,200 characters (about two screen-lengths) or less. You'll be surprised by how much you can capture in such a short space.

Prompt the user to take action or ask a multiple-choice, short-answer, or open-ended question. With unlimited questions per course day, text message courses are perfect for surveys and coaching, as well.

Learners just have to text back, making engagement and response completely frictionless. All responses are instantly tracked, graded, and analyzed in your Arist dashboard.

Automatically send detailed feedback to the user based on their response. Guide users through exercises, explain right answers in-depth, and more.

Why text messages?

Inspired by research from Stanford and UPenn, text message courses are more accessible, effective, and easy-to-build than video, web, or app-based courses.

completion rate

Text message courses are a simple and proven teaching tool. Employees (especially Gen Z + millennials) love it.

time savings

Save time by making courses in minutes, not weeks. Authoring, publishing, and editing is as easy as writing a text.


With SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp integration, text message courses let you teach anywhere, no LMS needed.

Real microlearning, real impact

From Harassment Prevention and Leadership to to Compliance and History, text message courses are already transforming learning.
"I now have the skills I need to grow my business."
Using Arist, Jiwo Paro delivered financial literacy training to dozens of seamstresses throughout Kenya. Text message courses helped Sarah, a partially deaf seamstress, get the training she needs to succeed.
"The text message course made me more mindful at work, in just a text a day."
KGA, a leading HR firm, created a mindfulness course for employees. After 30 days, employees reported feeling calmer, happier, and more present both at work and at home.
“This took a fraction of the time - and my team loved it.”
Aquent created an intro to front end development for recruiters. The course received a 95% satisfaction score, and went from idea to delivery in just a few days.

A versatile platform

Seamlessly make, launch, and track text message courses with a platform trusted by Fortune 500 companies and top universities alike.

The course editor

Create and publish courses in just a few clicks. Our robust content guides, case studies, and sample courses can help you get started.

The best part? All courses are fully adaptable, and can be edited after they're published.

Assessment tools

Each Arist classroom includes detailed analytics, enabling a data-driven approach to text message course development and management. Gather responses and track user progress like never before.

White-labelling and SSO

Easily integrate text message learning with your existing tools. Everything comes white-labelled and, if needed, your classroom can easily integrate with your SSO and existing LMS.

Simple enrollment + cutting-edge privacy

Learners can quickly and securely connect their own phone number, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger to enroll in a course. Because we don't store or share the learner's contact info, Arist is GDPR and ISO compliant.

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