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Onboarding and Culture

How Acquihire improved onboarding, one text at a time

Acquihire (company name changed for privacy) is a large tech company based in Silicon Valley. They have offices all over the world, and are opening new ones every month.

With such a fast growing enterprise, hiring has become incredibly streamlined. Unfortunately, even for a cutting edge tech company hiring is stuck in the past.

Acquihire hires over 200 new employees every year, and it can take an average of 4 months to fully onboard a new hire. The process is slow and arduous, with employees spending the first 3 weeks on the job stuck in welcome seminars and company value workshops.

For Acquihire’s L+D team, the challenges don’t stop with new hires. For current employees, the team develops courses in company norms and values, to keep everyone open the same page year to year. These courses can be interesting, but take employees hours and have very low completion rates.

Thanks to Arist, Acquihire’s newest employees can feel like a part of the team from day 1. Acquihire’s onboarding courses delivered via Arist explain company norms and policies, while emphasizing company values.

Even better, Acquihire can run all of its annual company values trainings for current employees all through text messages. Each employee takes a 15 day text message course on company values once per year, and a series of 15 day courses on the company’s most in demand skills over the course of the year.

Employees receive short case studies, quotes from executives, and questions surveying how they would improve their company culture.

Using Arist, Acquihire makes sure that employees join and stay with the right team. Top company insights, values, norms, and culture - all delivered right to their phones.

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Onboarding and Culture

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