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How Finex transformed compliance with Arist

Finex (company name changed for privacy) is a Financial Services company based on the East Coast. They have over 35,000 employees, and no time to spare. Handling clients’ money is no easy task, and there is a lot if information that every employee needs to know.

In addition to onboarding, each hire has to undergo annual ethics and general compliance training, including topics like harassment prevention and GDPR. Additionally, everyone must retake financial compliance training annually, covering federal and state rules, laws, and regulations.

In total, Finex trainings can take over a week per employee each year. With so many employees, that adds up quickly. Even worse, many employees dread the training each year, and admit to skipping through the information, barely learning or remembering anything.

By using Arist, Finex was able to build compliance training courses via text and meet employees where they’re at. Each employee spends 5 minutes per day over 2 weeks receiving the most important information.

Employees receive the latest rules and regulations, and answer simple questions every few days to test understanding and retention. For longer form, specialized trainings, texts are used for course follow up to check retention and understanding.

It once took weeks for Finex to update their compliance training. With Arist, the entire course can be updated in a matter of hours. By using Arist, Finex was able to create a cheaper, faster, more enjoyable experience for learners that works on their schedules.

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