Help us shape the future of learning

We help the world's leading companies quickly launch courses that people absolutely love — one Slack, Teams, or text message at a time.

From busy executives to frontline employees, Arist makes learning engaging, accessible, and impactful by meeting people where they are — all in just 5 minutes a day.

Why my work matters

"I love the incredibly collaborative environment at Arist. Everyone on the team is dedicated to the mission and shares the same goal of helping clients in a way I haven’t previously seen. I love that my work has a direct impact on the platform, and therefore on providing an alternative and innovative method of learning."


"I love working at Arist because of the ice cream. Seriously! All employees can order a shipment of ice cream every quarter and our company Notion has a page for ice cream reviews/rankings. What else could you ask for?!"


At Arist we:

Keep things simple
When thinking of features, designing processes, or instructing others, simplicity always wins.
Get to the point
Too many words waste time. Communicate intentions, and always have a clear goal in mind.
Learn daily
Take on challenges or tasks you may not feel qualified for. That’s the best way to learn.

Trusted by over 10% of the Fortune 500


What we offer

Health & wellbeing
We provide 100% coverage on medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, and life insurance. Our employees say we offer the best insurance plans they've ever had.
Each member on our team cares deeply about revolutionizing learning by making it simpler and more enjoyable -- for learners, content creators, and training managers.
Time off
We want people to take time off to rejuvenate, and come back able to do better, more mindful work. Arist offers unlimited paid time-off, as well as 10+ recognized holidays.
Ice cream on us
Employees *must* order ice cream every quarter (yes, we're tracking). We even have an in-depth ice cream rating system that we all contribute to after each unique order.
A space for learning
We are very passionate about building something great, and personal growth can lead to future opportunities.We provide a monthly learning budget for you to spend on any learning materials (i.e. newsletters, online crash-courses, tools, etc).
A job you love
Our team genuinely feels a strong connection to one another and our company mission, and your role will involve a lot of flexibility to get good at what you want. Make jokes, send gifs, and rock your Arist hoodie all day long.
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