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Becoming a Super Mega Boss
When it comes to building great leaders, Amy is a subject matter expert. She has over twenty years of experiencing keynoting and coaching top leadership conferences and executives. You've probably heard of the brands she works with, because they're some of the world's largest companies - from Apple to Deloitte. In her text message courses, Amy teaches everyone how to become a super mega boss.
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Using Texts to Find your Mojo
In times of uncertainty, it's completely normal to feel sad, stressed, and alone. More than ever, we all need a little help in finding or getting back into our mojo. Kristin Leydig Bryant, a leadership consultant and the founder of Clarity at Work, used the power of text message learning to do just that. Her course gives people actionable steps each day towards finding their mojo. We asked Kristin a few questions in an interview below. Comments in italics are from Ryan, our Head of Content.
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Nanolearning: The Future of Learning
The learners of tomorrow will learn more from snapchat than school, more from youtube than libraries, and more from Tik Tok than the NY times. They’ll get their information from short sound bites, just long enough to hold the minute-long attention spans of a generation that never knew life without smartphones. Welcome to nanolearning.
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