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How 90,000 Refugees are Receiving COVID-19 Training through Text

Maxine Anderson
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Working with Pyramid Learning, Maxine Anderson, Arist's Chief Impact Officer, describes how Arist's team helped deliver vital COVID-19 training to refugees in the Nakivale Refugee settlement in Uganda.

COVID-19 training is now being delivered in two communities of the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Southwest Uganda over Whatsapp. These settlement hosts communities from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Somalia, Rwanda, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. With around 90,000 people in this settlement, and with limited hygiene and medical resources, you can imagine how difficult it will be to control the spread and adverse effects of the virus. Luckily, knowledge received over text can make all the difference.

“It has been my worst fear that Covid 19 would find its way there,” says Eric Berg who supports some of their programming through his organization Now and Tomorrow.

Though they don’t have computers or high-bandwidth internet access to access healthcare training, most have a mobile phone and can receive information over text. With a text message COVID-19 course, Nakivale Refugees are now able to receive critical knowledge about keeping themselves and other loved ones safe from the virus.

“The [COVID-19] course is very resourceful. The first lesson has enabled me to sensitize our community, especially at the water point.” — Nakivale Representative for the Refugee Council

A special thanks to Pyramid Learning and Now and Tomorrow for developing and distributing this COVID-19 training course through Arist to these refugees and thousands of other affected communities around the world.

Look out for more updates on the impact of this course on the Nakivale Refugee Settlement and the important text message distribution of COVID-19 training to many more communities.

Please share this information to help train impacted individuals and communities about COVID-19:


To access on WhatsApp:

Text 1001 to 1 415–915–7741

Envía 1011 al +1 415–915 7741

Textez 1021 au +1415–915–7741

أرسل 1031 إلى +1 415–915–7741

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