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Case study: Axon Health*

Axon Health is equipping their sales reps, one text at a time.


Axon Health is a public healthcare company with 50,000 employees worldwide.

A huge portion of their workforce are sales representatives, who spend all day in the administration offices of hospitals and on the road, selling products that can save lives.

Axon Health invested heavily in video-based coursework and relied on their LMS, which made training representatives around the world nearly impossible because:

  • Reps are often distributed, and many spend less than an hour of their day on their laptops and computers
  • Reps had little time to spend on training, often not completing it
  • Product and sales best practices were constantly changing, while updating existing trainings took weeks
  • There were few ways to measure whether new best practices were implemented and were actually driving results


About the course

Luckily, the Axon Health team discovered Arist. They could spin up their first course in hours and update it live based on shifting requirements. The first course focused on:

  • Introducing a new sales methodology
  • Best practices on introducing new offerings and handling objections
  • Creating customer scenarios and walking reps through responses
  • Building an action plan for improvement
  • Check-ins weekly and monthly to measure efficacy and give new prompts

The course met reps where they were all over the globe on SMS, WhatsApp, Slack and MS Teams. Reps could respond just by texting back, and managers could measure their progress by seeing their level of engagement, reported actions taken, and scenario-based answers in real time.

"Reps really loved it. They kept telling us to put all their trainings on here because most of their time is spent traveling between clients or on their phones. They’d switch from texting a prospect to texting their learning."


Course feedback

After launching to a few thousands reps, the course had an initial completion rate of 87% and received an overall rating of 8.8/10

The team received a lot of feedback about tactical sales advice and learned if new methods and product features were moving the needle for clients when mentioned. A few responses:

“This was way better than the videos, really easy to use”

“Actually used a lot of these strategizes. The reminder on Tuesday got me to ask better discovery questions in my meeting with a client and it changed the tone”

The team now uses Arist for all of their sales and product trainings globally, and have also expanded to DEI, career development, and new manager training.

*Name changed for privacy reasons

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