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How Axon Health* uses Arist
to drive global sales

How a globally-distributed sales force increased product knowledge 18.6% in 5 minutes a day

Axon Health is a publicly traded, multinational health care company that focuses on chronic disease analysis, treatment and prevention.


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Reps really loved it. They kept telling us to put all their trainings on Arist because most of their time is spent traveling between clients or on their phones. They’d switch from texting a prospect to texting their learning.” Sales Leader - Axon Health


➡️18.6% confidence lift in product knowledge
➡️9.5/10 learner rating of learning via this method
➡️Enabled sales leaders to identify which IC's needed the most support


What can product knowledge in the flow of work do for your sales team? 

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The challenge

Sales reps can only sell what they know. And for a health care multinational with 60,000 employees, the list of services provided is extensive and ever-changing.

Add to this the fact that sales representatives are distributed and always on the go, and crafting training frictionless enough to enable continued learning was a challenge.

Axon Health needed to support sales knowledge of a newly launched product with details that were changing daily. When many L&D teams require a minimum of 4 hours to change simply a letter of a pre-set training, Axon Health needed to deploy and update learning with much more agility.

Distributed representatives needed to know not only the latest updates about a forthcoming product, but what was in the roadmap, as well as how to handle routine questions and objections prospective clients may have about the product.

How Axon Health used Arist to change sales behavior

Axon Health leaned into messaging app sales enablement learning delivery and small form-factor content to dramatically speed up content creation velocity and reduce learner friction.

The text-based format and low barrier to messaging-tool use enabled sales reps to easily respond to course prompts, providing a steady measurement of learner confidence as well as ideas for what was working or not working in practice. For the sales leaders, this data and the text-format of the course enabled the course to be updated quickly to reflect continually honed best practices.

By embedding learning in messaging apps directly between sales calls, reps had new techniques, questions, and product specifications at their fingertips when dealing with prospective clients.

Learning snapshot

❓Text back: A time where you incorrectly identified a customer stakeholder profile. Based on what you learned in this course, how could you have handled it differently?

I mistakenly confused a talker and a mobilizer. Requesting action by within a specific timeframe tells me if my stakeholder is a talker or a mobilizer. For one of my analytical customers I had to provide data and evidence that he could review in order to consider converting. I was more detail oriented with my message as well.

Impact of Arist microlearning for Axon Health sales

Sales representatives reported an 18.6% lift in confidence regarding both the challenger sales methodology as well as product knowledge around a new product launch.

Additionally, learners rated this method of learning 9.1/10. This level of learner satisfaction was further evidenced by the large amount of candid feedback and interaction with course materials in the form of applying new learnings and reflecting on what sales techniques were or were not working.

“Actually used a lot of these strategies. The reminder on Tuesday got me to ask better discovery questions in my meeting with a client and it changed the tone” - Sales rep at Axon Health

Coupled with actual sales data, this constant stream of real-time learner data enabled sales leaders to determine which techniques were working the best as well as which sales representatives needed additional support.

All impact was enabled with as little as 5 minutes of sales rep time a day, directly within messaging apps they already used.


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